Spring, flowers planted,

Diversity, in action,

Data makes you smart.

Summer in New York,

Associates earning, more,

AI is coming.

The Fall, plant new shrubs,

Shiny mahogany desks,

Nature, process, change.

Winter, rates frozen,

Expanding, compliance teems,

Machine learn, your job.

Trusted classmates stay,

Clowders gather at the door,

Converge thoughtfully.

We sing together,

Advance conflict waivers, rude,

Your guidelines, say what?

Take a dash, a board,

Sledding, through precious accounts,

Outsourced services.

Cubes aligned neatly,

Corner office dust mites feast,

Procurement pricing.

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Image from shalommama.com: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/shalommama/11229431425/

©2016 Peter Krakaur