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Experiment to Give In-House Counsel New Trove of Data About Outside Firm Relationships

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In early 2017, approximately 30 general counsel began working with AdvanceLaw on a GC Thought Leaders Experiment to understand client-law firm relationships, spark discussion, and provide in-house counsel and [...]

IBM Says New Watson Tool Could Dramatically Reduce Outside Counsel Spend — Outside Counsel Insights

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A new tool using International Business Machines Corp.'s Watson is hard at work for in-house legal departments with the goal of significantly reducing outside counsel spend. So far, use of "Outside Counsel Insights," or OCI, has been limited to legal departments in the financial services industry, according to Brian Kuhn, co-founder and leader of IBM Watson Legal. But with the potential to save as much as 30 percent on annual outside counsel spend, it's no surprise that the tool has piqued the interest of some of the largest companies in that field.