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Product managers for the digital world

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Some good observations for legal operations professionals to consider as they wear their technology hat, including: “business users increasingly expect a better experience for enterprise software. The modern product manager needs to know the customer intimately. This means being obsessed with usage metrics and building customer empathy through online channels, one-on-one interviews, and shadowing exercises to observe, listen, and learn how people actually use and experience products.” More insights to extract

Speaking the Same Language: Leaders From Big Law Make the Case for Metric Sharing

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Companies and their outside counsel are both collecting useful information that they're not sharing with one another. Should both parties be more transparent to achieve their goals? “From a pricing perspective, firms are sitting on a wealth of information on how much matters would typically cost, or at least the effort it would typically take to perform a certain piece of work.” Let’s start with Time lag — https://t.co/oNvjIil2n6 .

Outside Counsel Cost Management: A View Around The Corner

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Outside counsel cost management initiatives are only one part of a legal service delivery strategy. Who should do the work: law firms, LPOs, or internal legal professionals?