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Outside Counsel Cost Management: A View Around The Corner

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Outside counsel cost management initiatives are only one part of a legal service delivery strategy. Who should do the work: law firms, LPOs, or internal legal professionals?

How to Assess the Success of Value-Based Fees

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Four ACC Value Champions discuss how they evaluate their non-hourly pricing models and fees. These value leaders have moved the majority of external spending to value-based fees, using flat fees for entire matters and portfolios of litigation and corporate matters. When the work is done, how do they know they priced it appropriately? And how do they refine their pricing models over time? What metrics do they share internally to report results?

Leading Practices in Law Department Metrics

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Through interviews with 10 law department leaders in this area, the ACC presents design, development and implementation approaches of highly effective and diverse metrics models. Department leaders profiled here offer vital advice on how to capture and use metrics results to drive enhanced law department and outside counsel performance. These thought leaders also share resources and tools that have facilitated their development and evaluation of strong metrics practices, in the hopes that these can help other corporate counsel seeking better ways to measure, and ultimately to maximize, their own legal department’s performance.