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Peace of Mind: Risk Management and Insurance for In-house

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In-house attorneys are often engaged in matters involving insurance issues, such as risk management, insuring real and personal property, or negotiating deals where liability or other types of insurance are required by the company. This ACC program covers: What is risk management and why should every in-house lawyer care? What are the different types of insurance available to the enterprise? Should legal be involved in the procurement and/or review of the company’s insurance program and claims process? The session also provides an overview of the claims adjustment process with pointers to successfully navigate insurance claim. Accessible by ACC members.

A Policyholder’s Primer on Insurance

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This updated InfoPAK is intended to give in-house counsel background to assist her in identifying insurance issues that may arise, participate in substantive insurance discussions relating to those issues, and assist risk managers in maximizing the protection afforded by insurance. Available to ACC members.