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Build vs. Buy e-Billing & Other Data Dashboards

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In this session, Cecilia Yoshida and Jeffrey Franke of Yahoo will discuss Yahoo Legal Ops' ongoing journey to try to build dashboard nirvana without relying on expert external resources. Then, Paul Hirner of Thinksmart, Kevin Clem of HBR, and Pratik Patel of Elevate Services will present a variety of pre-built dashboard options to present eBilling and other kinds of key legal department analytics just the way you want them. From the 2016 CLOC Institute. Available to CLOC members.

Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your Current eBilling System Setup and Processes

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e-Billing systems are a cornerstone to successful legal operations functions and matter management. And most companies with any significant outside counsel spend have an e-billing solution from one of the many providers. However, most would admit that their implementation and/or related policies and processes are far from optimized. Most are really a "work in progress." This session covers a top ten list of ways to optimize your current system. from the 2016 CLOC Institute. Available to CLOC members.