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Democratizing Data at Airbnb

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Airbnb's engineering team describe the challenges they faced in democratizing their data . Very thoughtful insights into how they help the company effectively navigating a sea of data resources of varying quality, complexity, relevance, and trustworthiness. Some of the key insights: 1) relationships are just as pertinent as the nodes. Knowing who produced or consumed a resource is just as valuable as the resource itself. 2) People are data resources too. Finding employees who have used or own a given data resource can increase the efficiency of knowledge sharing. 3) Data is a proxy for the operations of a company. Analyzing the network helps to surface lines of communication and identify facets or disconnected information.

Why dashboard design is critical to analytics success

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One key to designing dashboards is keeping them simple and even unobtrusive. Simplicity of design is often captured by displaying only the top-level information that the user wants to know, and then giving them navigational tools that enable deeper probes if they want them. http://tek.io/2pdLZjC If you're interested in dashboard design, read the Showcase Of Dashboard UI Designs And How To Make Them from design your way (link in article)

Build vs. Buy e-Billing & Other Data Dashboards

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In this session, Cecilia Yoshida and Jeffrey Franke of Yahoo will discuss Yahoo Legal Ops' ongoing journey to try to build dashboard nirvana without relying on expert external resources. Then, Paul Hirner of Thinksmart, Kevin Clem of HBR, and Pratik Patel of Elevate Services will present a variety of pre-built dashboard options to present eBilling and other kinds of key legal department analytics just the way you want them. From the 2016 CLOC Institute. Available to CLOC members.