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ACC Issues Guidelines for Law Firm Cybersecurity Measures

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The ACC developed a Model Information Protection and Security Controls for Outside Counsel Possessing Company Confidential Information (“Model Controls”) to help in-house counsel as they set/manage expectations regarding the types of data security controls vendors should employ to protect client confidential information. Worth a read. Reminds me of a short checklist I provided a few years back regarding cloud computing that was more focused on information security requirements as legal professionals consider working with vendors (http://bit.ly/2ntICVn).

Six Things Legal Professionals Could Care [More/Less] About

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Reflections on value, purple people, (right)sourcing, change management, checklists, and Artificial Big Block Data Machines. The year comes to a close. Legal professionals in law firms and departments sprint [...]

Assessment: Should We Pursue This New Project?

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Like aviators, experienced innovators use checklists. It’s how they make sure they haven’t left out any critical steps when assessing new ideas. HBR created this brief interactive checklist to help you vet the possibilities in your innovation pipeline. Think of a project proposal you’re considering, and answer the questions below to determine whether it’s worth pursuing.