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Manage Change With EQ Skills

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Change management is a demanding challenge for all participants in today’s legal ecosystem. Effective change management strategies are built on relationships. How do you frame a discussion, know what is actually going to change, understand different mindsets, inspire people, communicate value, and build reciprocity? You begin with conversations.

To Get Consumers to Trust AI, Show Them Its Benefits

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in applications like autonomous vehicles and medical assistance devices. But even when the technology is ready to use and has been shown to meet customer demands, there’s still a great deal of skepticism among consumers. This article discusses the value of building trust and communicating the value of AI to increase likelihood of AI adoption.

The Head, Heart and Hands approach to technology adoption

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Thoughtful approach for any tech initiative. To define the dimensions of the described adoption strategy, think of your awareness, training and change management efforts in terms of the Head, Heart and Hands approach. You may have come across it in other forms, such as "cognitive, affective and behavioral" (if you’re a psychologist) or, in more common parlance, "thinking, feeling and doing."

Does your company need a Director of Getting Sh*t Done?

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Bad processes won’t fix themselves. Often, they lurk in a kind of power vacuum. Frontline employees aren’t empowered to change them. Leadership overlooks the issue or assumes it’s someone else’s problem. Precisely for that reason, it’s key to put someone in charge. This doesn’t have to be an official or full-time role, but employees need to know there’s a go-to person.

I Am an AI Luddite (and Why You Should Be One Too)

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This article discusses potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the legal profession. Specifically, I discuss (i) WHY you should care about AI, (ii) WHAT AI means, (iii) WHERE [...]

Six Things Legal Professionals Could Care [More/Less] About

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Reflections on value, purple people, (right)sourcing, change management, checklists, and Artificial Big Block Data Machines. The year comes to a close. Legal professionals in law firms and departments sprint [...]

A Field Guide for Agents of Change

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If you are a change agent, you will have to show the way. The author offers a practical guide of tips and tricks to help you lead your organization through the change it needs.

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