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PwC manages a game-changing move in legal services

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According to the report, PwC will be managing much of GE’s global tax requirements – in an instant by absorbing a large proportion of GE’s tax practitioners. The article suggests it’s mid-tier firms that should feel most threatened. Yes. And No. Yes, because the PwC juggernaut will undoubtedly take share from them as the value proposition extends from the in-house teams to outside counsel.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Law Departments: Staffing

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AI solutions will continue to impact the way in-house teams deliver legal services. Consider talent and staffing actions to help your teams explore AI and enhance legal service delivery. Specifically, consider additional skill sets when creating positions and making hiring decisions. Additionally, plan for a broader range of staffing options beyond the current mix of direct hires, contractors, LPOs, and law firms. Now is the time to experiment and learn.