Today is the last day of free access to MIT Solan Management Review. There are many highly thoughtful articles for legal professionals considering leadership, management, innovation, AI, and talent development.

Here are three that I enjoyed:

(1) Inspiring Employee Creativity: There are 2 dominant leadership types; controllers and empowerers. In order for digital leaders to unleash creativity, focus on 5 behavioral changes: 1) resist the temptation to tell; 2) stop seeking uniformity; 3) embrace distributed leadership; 4) encourage diverse experiences; and 5) change your mindset regularly.

(2) What to Expect From Artificial Intelligence: AI (machine learning) is good at prediction and reduces prediction costs. AI will increasingly take the place of human prediction while humans will need to focus more on judgment. Managers will need to rely on new talents and expertise (e.g., how to apply AI and where). Leaders, in turn, will need to 1) shift employee training and development from prediction to judgment; 2) assess the rate of practical (e.g., ready for use) AI and align shifts in hiring and training decisions accordingly; and 3) develop processes that build teams that emphasize human judgment augmented by AI.

(3) ‘Digital Transformation’ Is a Misnomer: Digital transformation is not about technology; it is about ability of organizations to adapt to rapid changes driven by digital technologies. Focus on building adaptable processes and your talent, periodically reviewing the technical landscape.