In opinion 980026, the Missouri bar analyzed the issues raised by a proposal by unaffiliated lawyers to provide generalized legal information offer access to three attorneys who are non-affiliated, private practitioners. Although a plain and unambiguous disclaimer may be sufficient to alert someone to the actual nature of the relationship, it may not be sufficient to insulate the lawyers from being treated as a firm from an ethical standpoint. In addition to the concerns about creating the appearance of a firm, lawyers should also be aware that there are concerns about soliciting e-mail from prospective clients through a web site. If a lawyer engages in the practice of communicating with current or prospective clients by e-mail, the lawyer bears the responsibility of providing them timely advice regarding the relative security of communication by e-mail, in general, and in the particular computer setting through which they would be communicating. Lawyers also creates the potential for conflicts of interest through the receipt of substantive information by e-mail.