Computer-accessed communications include, but are not limited to, Internet presences such as home pages or World Wide Web sites, unsolicited electronic mail communications, and information concerning a lawyer’s or law firm’s services that appears on World Wide Web search engine screens and elsewhere.  Opinion 252 (April 22, 2005). Rule 7.5, MRPC, addresses the mandatory submission requirement of advertisements prior to their dissemination.  Rule 7.5(b), MRPC, outlines advertisements that are not required to be submitted prior to dissemination.  Among these is 7.5(b)(8), MRPC, which states that “Internet Web pages viewed via a Web browser, in a search initiated by a person without solicitation” are exempt from the submission requirement.   Therefore, while an internet web-page may be considered an advertisement, it is not mandatory that it be submitted to the Office of General Counsel for The Mississippi Bar.  Disclaimers need not appear on every web site page.