I started publishing in 1995. By 1999, I received over 2,000,000 visits and was seeing approximately 60,000 page visits every month. I enjoyed sharing developments and writing articles by myself and with David Hricik as the U.S. legal professional wrestled with the early days of technology disruption caused by e-mail, “home pages,” the cloud, and technology-enabled practices. Although ethics remains a strong interest, I have turned my focus towards AI, legal operations, and broader market forces associated with innovation and disruption impacting legal service delivery to companies and institutions. As a result, I no longer regularly publish content focused on ethics issues. That said, I will continue to post or write occasionally about ethics, including that content in Lopsider.

In parallel, the design and technology I used to support was tired. Rather than attempt to update that site and maintain two blogs, I decided to migrate all my content into Lopsider. It is accessible using the tags to the right or and Search (use the filter sliders on the left of the search box to limit your search). Additional links to bar associations, ethics opinions and rules of professional conduct are accessible in the “Resources” section.