A lawyer may advertise as a “sponsor” on an Internet legal. information and advertising service, provided that (1) the service does not in any way state or suggest that the information to which the inquirer is referred was prepared or is being compiled by the “Sponsoring”– attorney, (2) the format in which the Sponsor’s name is presented does not suggest that this attorney is being recommended or endorsed by the service, (3) the Internet service makes clear that the attorney’s name appears, in response to the inquirer’s request, as an advertisement, and (4) the “button” or “link” provided by the service does not create a “real-time” dialogue with the Sponsor, but is limited to permitting the inquiring person to view the Sponsor’s website. Nassau County Bar Ass’n Opinion 99-3. (Sepetmber 29, 1999).  That part of the Internet service which highlights attorneys paying a premium advertising fee as “Lead Counsel” is, however, susceptible of being understood to mean that Lead Counsel are superior to other attorney and is therefore misleading and improper.