The Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct have been modified and adopt many of recent changes adopted by the ABA. A redline version is available from the Connecticut Superior Court. These revisions become effective on January 1, 2007, except as follows:

  • Revisions to Rule 1.15 of the Rules of Professional Conduct were effective September 1, 2006
  • New Sections 2-28A and 2-28B and new subsection (e) of Section 2-27 become effective July 1, 2007

Note that Rule 7.2 (advertising) now requires electronic advertisements to be copied every three months on a compact disk or similar technology and kept for three years.

Importantly, Practice Book Section 2-28A, which takes effect July 1, 2007, requires filing with statewide bar counsel a copy of most advertisements. Section 2-28B provides a procedure for lawyers to request an advance advisory opinion concerning the propriety of an advertisement.See modified rules.