Arizona Opinion #97-04 (April 7, 1997) discusses advertising “housekeeping” requirements, such as need to include the cities where the lawyer has offices and/or will actually perform work (citing ER 7.1); client consent needed before providing a list of existing clients; and explanations regarding whether or not firms are affiliated if site provides links to other firms. (ER 7.1(p)). Direct e-mail to a prospective client may be a solicitation if the lawyer initiates the contact and the client has a known legal need for a particular matter. If it is solicitation, then specific disclosure must be made and copy must be sent to Clerk of Supreme Court. Lawyers probably may not join an on-line referral service. Generally, lawyers need not submit copy of Web site to State Bar and Supreme Court. Lawyers must retain copy of Web site in some retrievable format” AND record of when and where the web site was used.