About Lopsider

Lopsider is an online publication exploring the world of legal operations, innovation and disruption. I consider these topics specifically from the perspective of the impacts they have on the delivery of legal services to corporate and institutional clients. I contrast the disruption and innovation in this legal market segment with the need to change the delivery of legal services to consumers or individuals. Although the issues impacting individuals are equally compelling, I leave that discussion to others.

The goal of this resource is to provide legal professionals insights and thoughts to foster discussion, education, and change.

Although my primary focus is on in-house corporate law departments and large law firms, I necessarily consider the growing list of all legal service providers, as well as the impacts technology and artificial intelligence have on the business and practice of law.

The Author

LOPSIDER is published by Peter Krakaur. This is my personal blog; views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of any organization, group or institution.

About Me

I am a senior operations executive focused on efficient, effective and innovative legal service delivery. A lawyer with broad experience in large law firms and in-house teams, I design and execute practical strategies that drive operational efficiencies in support of the business and practice of law.

As Managing Director with EY Law – Americas, Legal Operations Markets Leader, I focus on legal service delivery solutions that generate meaningful value to clients. Working with legal departments, I counsel clients in ways to improve client service through legal operations, legal project management, legal service pricing & budgeting, business process analysis, technology evaluation and solution design, knowledge management, staffing and talent management, and change management. I specialize in projects that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through the alignment of people, process and technology.

I believe in active contributions to the legal community through education, training, and mentoring, I am a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management. As a previous member of CLOC, I chaired the CLOC Legal Operations Career Initiative, which published the CLOC Legal Operations Toolkit to help individuals and legal departments assess and develop legal operations skills.

I am a nationally recognized public speaker on legal operations, legal project management, knowledge management, and legal technology strategy. You can read more about me on LinkedIn. You are welcome to follow me there and/or on Twitter. I will likely publish most of my thoughts and content on Lopsider, sharing this content on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why Lopsider?

I publish Lopsider for four reasons:

  1. Change: The business and practice of law continues to change apace. Legal operations, artificial intelligence & technology, and other market dynamics continue the speed of disruption and innovation. Through my articles and posts, I hope to support all legal professionals as they consider, plan for, and manage the associated changes in their careers and the legal industry. Rather than try to discuss these trends in detail here, I point readers to the full scope of Lopsider content, starting with the Home Page or the Tags.
  2. Content: I regularly write articles and share posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. I also read a great deal about artificial intelligence (AI), legal operations, and legal service delivery strategy. My focus is on how technology and the expanding scope of legal service delivery options are driving innovation and disruption in the practice and business of law. LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful platforms that reach a broad audience. However, these mediums are poor replacements for a dedicated resource that offers greater flexibility to design, organize and publish my content. In short, Lopsider makes it easier to manage my articles and content, share my thoughts, and provider greater value for me and those who are interested to read what I have to say.
  3. Design: I have designed scores of websites over the years. Since 1995, I have published LegalEthics.com, a blog focusing on the ethical issues associated with the use of technology by legal professionals. The design and technology I used to support LegalEthics.com was dated. I decided to migrate all my LegalEthics.com content into Lopsider (see Ethics) and sunset LegalEthics.com as a stand-alone blog. Lopsider is designed to support nature of all my content and my goal of publishing that content across multiple mediums. The “LegalEthics” link on this page offers more information.
  4. Management: I identified most of the reading and educational links available in the CLOC Legal Operations Career Toolkit. I plan to continue to support and update the toolkit. However, I have been managing and tracking those links, as well links I manage for my own education and learning. I created this platform to manage efficiently the currency of all these resources. Lopsider’s “Resources” section offers links to everything I track, allows me to verify if the links are valid, and keep them current. The “Structure” link in this section describes how Lopsider is organized.

Lopsider Structure


Lopsider’s responsive design is intended to deliver a common experience on computers, tablets and mobile devices. However, the horizontal navigation appearing on the home page and on this About page may not display fully on all mobile devices viewed vertically. In those cases, view the site on your mobile device horizontally or use another device. The rest of the site works the same across devices. Any issues you run into in this regard result from a combination of design trade-offs and personal bandwidth.


The home page offers:

  • A slider highlighting quotes and thoughts from selected Lopsider articles and posts. Swipe on the slider and/or click on any slide to view the content.
  • Seven horizontal tabs providing different views into Lopsider content:
  1. All: all Lopsider posts, articles and resources focused on legal operations, innovation & disruption. This section does not include legacy content from LegalEthics.com (see ethics tags below).  Each resource identifies the source, the date published, and includes tags that I use to classify content and to help you find similar content.
  2. Articles: articles I write relating to the topics covered in Lopsider.
  3. Posts: Lopsider posts focused on legal operations, innovation & disruption.
  4. Resources: links to reading or educational materials that I track for personal purposes and that I identified for the CLOC Legal Operations Career Toolkit. This section includes links to some LegalEthics.com resources, such as bar associations, rules of professional conduct, and ethics opinion archives.
  5. Tags: articles, posts and resources are tagged with multiple topics to help you locate related legal operations, innovation & disruption content. Click on any tag to view the content and access a rss feed for that content.
  6. Search: a type-ahead search of all Lopsider content. You can filter your search by type, date, tag and other options. Learn more on the Search page.


I started publishing LegalEthics.com in 1995. By 1999, I received over 2,000,000 visits and was seeing approximately 60,000 page visits every month. I enjoyed sharing developments and writing articles by myself and with David Hricik as the U.S. legal professional wrestled with the early days of technology disruption caused by e-mail, “home pages,” the cloud, and technology-enabled practices. Although ethics remains a strong interest, I have turned my focus towards AI, legal operations, and broader market forces associated with innovation and disruption impacting legal service delivery to companies and institutions. As a result, I no longer regularly publish content focused on ethics issues. That said, I will continue to post or write occasionally about ethics, including that content in Lopsider.

In parallel, the design and technology I used to support LegalEthics.com was tired. Rather than attempt to update that site and maintain two blogs, I decided to migrate all my LegalEthics.com content into Lopsider. Use the LegalEthics.com Tags or the Search (use the filter sliders on the left of the search box to limit your search). Additional Legalethics.com links to bar associations, ethics opinions and rules of professional conduct are accessible in the “Resources” section.