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Experiment to Give In-House Counsel New Trove of Data About Outside Firm Relationships

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In early 2017, approximately 30 general counsel began working with AdvanceLaw on a GC Thought Leaders Experiment to understand client-law firm relationships, spark discussion, and provide in-house counsel and [...]

Manage Change With EQ Skills

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Change management is a demanding challenge for all participants in today’s legal ecosystem. Effective change management strategies are built on relationships. How do you frame a discussion, know what is actually going to change, understand different mindsets, inspire people, communicate value, and build reciprocity? You begin with conversations.

Leveraging Value-based Pricing for Financial Success

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Value Based Pricing (VBP) is a completely different methodology and process to price legal work by understanding the interrelationships between price, value and effort (hours). This2016 CLOC Institute presentation provides the key tenets of VBP, the types of pricing structures typically used, and how to estimate the economic value of a legal matter to drive better outcomes. Available to CLOC members.

Relationships Matter: Teamwork & Collaboration That Works

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A successful team can accomplish far more collaboratively than an individual can accomplish alone. That makes teamwork and collaboration skills critical to the success of any professional. Some might argue these skills are even more crucial for attorneys, given the nature of the complex work that often requires assembling vast and very diverse teams. Effective teams require members to engage and develop strong relationships based on trust and confidence. The concepts of teamwork and collaboration draw attention to the skills, Talents, and behaviors required for working with others to maximize potential results. As a result of this program, you'll learn how to create strategies for team relationships and growth.

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