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How to Put On a Kick-Ass Legal Dept Offsite

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CLOC offered a program at the 2016 CLOC Institute, "How to Put on a Kick-Ass Legal Department Offsite. If your department is growing or if your boss is asking you to "party plan" and organize a department-wide, multi-day meeting, this is the session for you. Come hear from our resident experts about what goes into planning a kick-ass legal conference. The session covered do's and don'ts, venues, speakers, best practices, war stories, budget gotchas and more. Available to CLOC members.

A Leader’s Guide to Delegating Legal Work: Stratifying Legal Services and Expanding the Role of Non-Lawyers in Your Department

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As legal departments expand their roles as business partners and compliance advisers, we have seen roles develop outside of the traditional attorney discipline. As with subject matter expertise, certain skills from other professions can assist the department to be more effective. This ACC program explored the strategic use of program managers, paraprofessionals, and other business experts to enable the delivery of legal services across the legal department and organization more broadly.

Law Department as Profit Center

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Law departments are often considered cost centers for the business, not revenue generators. However, there is a variety of ways to change this perception and allow law departments to collaborate with business clients to add to the company’s bottom line. This panel examines some of the programs and strategies that in-house counsel can use to reduce legal spend and generate revenue. Topics discussed will include affirmative recovery programs (for example, monitoring contractual performance and intellectual property infringement), third-party litigation financing, licensing IP or other valuable assets, investments in new technology, and creative legal matter staffing. This ACC panel also examines how to build relationships with business clients to create and implement successful programs involving them and how to track and communicate law department profitability and performance.

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