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The 5 Languages of Legal Operations

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5 languages are needed to drive successful operational initiatives. These languages are not taught in (law) school. Speaking even one takes time to develop and master. When looking for talent, start by looking for linguists who can speak the necessary languages to drive and calibrate an astute legal service delivery strategy.

How to Put On a Kick-Ass Legal Dept Offsite

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CLOC offered a program at the 2016 CLOC Institute, "How to Put on a Kick-Ass Legal Department Offsite. If your department is growing or if your boss is asking you to "party plan" and organize a department-wide, multi-day meeting, this is the session for you. Come hear from our resident experts about what goes into planning a kick-ass legal conference. The session covered do's and don'ts, venues, speakers, best practices, war stories, budget gotchas and more. Available to CLOC members.

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