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How to Read Financial Statements 2017

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At this practical PLI recorded half-day event, a distinguished panel of experts will provide a primer for understanding balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. The panelists will discuss basic elements that all attorneys should be aware of when encountering these financial statements in the course of common business transactions and in litigation. Fees required.

Law Department as Profit Center

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Law departments are often considered cost centers for the business, not revenue generators. However, there is a variety of ways to change this perception and allow law departments to collaborate with business clients to add to the company’s bottom line. This panel examines some of the programs and strategies that in-house counsel can use to reduce legal spend and generate revenue. Topics discussed will include affirmative recovery programs (for example, monitoring contractual performance and intellectual property infringement), third-party litigation financing, licensing IP or other valuable assets, investments in new technology, and creative legal matter staffing. This ACC panel also examines how to build relationships with business clients to create and implement successful programs involving them and how to track and communicate law department profitability and performance.

Is That What “VAT” Means?! Introduction to International Tax

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International tax laws and tax treaties have become relevant to a greater percentage of businesses and transactions. These international tax rules affect not only large U.S. and non-U.S. multinationals, but also increasingly affect mid-sized and smaller organizations. This ACC program equips you with sufficient practical knowledge about the relevant international tax concepts, enables you to understand international tax treaties, and teaches you to identify potential tax issues for advising on your company’s international operations and transactions.

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