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ACEDS E-Discovery Essentials

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The E-Discovery Essentials Online Training is an introductory course for persons entering the e-discovery field and professionals who would like to broaden their knowledge of the e-discovery process. From preparation, to collection, to review of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), this course covers the entire e-discovery process. Throughout the 17 modules and tests, learners will progress through the basics of e-discovery preparation, best practices for ESI collection and, finally, the review process. E-Discovery Essentials will take approximately twelve hours to complete. From ACEDS and fees are required

Remote Collection: What, When and Why

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Technology and collection strategies have evolved for collecting data used in electronic discovery. When is it appropriate to use this approach? What prerequisites are there before you begin? These are just a few of the questions addressed in this ILTA webinar as we discuss the methodologies, limitations and challenges surrounding remote collection.

TAR 2.0 – Predictive Coding Simplified (ILTA)

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In this ILTA webinar, a panel of experienced e-discovery professionals will discuss how they're using TAR 2.0. Topics will include: What document populations lend themselves best to TAR 2.0; How can TAR 2.0 help you prioritize review, QC outgoing productions and identify trade secrets; Are some workflows more successful than others; and What isn't living up to the TAR 2.0 promise?

Nuts & Bolts of Electronic Discovery 2016

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This PLI program will acquaint you with the basics of e-discovery law and practice. E-discovery permeates nearly every facet of litigation today, and attorneys tasked with meeting today’s complicated e-discovery requirements must recognize the nuances and technicalities involved. Our faculty of experienced e-discovery practitioners will give you the tools and strategies to efficiently and competently navigate the e-discovery landscape. Fees are required

E-Discovery Operations: Tactical considerations for defensible eDiscovery

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Within the legal environment, Discovery is the process of identifying, locating, preserving, securing, collecting, preparing, reviewing, and producing facts, information, and materials for the purpose of producing/obtaining evidence for utilization in the legal process. Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery) is the application of these processes into the digital environment to collect Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Legal departments are ill prepared to deal with the digital environment of a business. Increasingly they are turning to the company’s Information Technology (IT) department to identify, locate, preserve, and collect ESI. This is not break/fix work, typical in most IT operations, but a more complex set of processes. This paper explores the tactical processes necessary to comply with an increasingly demanding US Federal court system. This analysis includes the processes and controls necessary for a defensible e-Discovery program, including a review of identifying the record owner, methods for identifying, collecting, and preserving custodial data, and the management of custodian equipment.SANS Institute Infosec Reading Room: E-Discovery Operations:

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