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Evolve Or Die: Why Digital Transformation Is More Important Than Ever

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The process of modernizing a business to use new tools and technology is one thing, but completely adapting to the digital world means more careful customer and employee relationship. This article discussed why digital transformation is important and suggests some approaches.

Digitizing customer journeys and processes: Stories from the front lines

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Only when a business has defined what that experience should be can it figure out how to build the processes and technologies needed to support it. By digitizing these processes, the business can reduce costs, improve customer experience, capture value, and move to a next-generation operating model. But what does this process of reinvention look like, and how do companies make it work? This article offers an inside view of key stages in a successful transformation. The examples are drawn mainly from financial services, but the lessons apply to any company seeking to reinvent its customer experience. The article offers insights into some helpful approaches that will translate neatly for legal operations professionals.

What’s now and next in analytics, AI, and automation

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Companies with advanced digital capabilities across assets, operations, and workforces grow revenue and market shares faster than peers. They improve profit margins three times more rapidly than average and, more often than not, have been the fastest innovators and the disruptors in their sectors—and in some cases beyond them.

The next-generation operating model for the digital world

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Instead of working on separate initiatives inside organizational units, companies have to think holistically about how their operations can contribute to delivering a distinctive customer experience. The best way to do this is to focus on customer journeys and the internal processes that support them. ... For law firm professionals, this necessarily means considering both internal stakeholders as well as the clients they support. Corporate in-house teams, in turn, can consider their internal stakeholders and the possible organizational silos that may impact the internal customer journey as they obtain legal service.

I Am an AI Luddite (and Why You Should Be One Too)

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This article discusses potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the legal profession. Specifically, I discuss (i) WHY you should care about AI, (ii) WHAT AI means, (iii) WHERE [...]

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